Your question: How do I search and replace in Confluence?

How do I replace a document in Confluence?

Edit a file from the Attachments page

  1. Go to the page with the attachment to be edited.
  2. Click ••• > Attachments. …
  3. Click Edit file for a file to open it in the file viewer. …
  4. Click Edit with, then select the app name. …
  5. Edit the file in the appropriate desktop app and save it.

How do I search in Confluence?

Click the search field at the top-right of Confluence. Click Advanced search on the left-side of the search panel. Type your keyword in the search field and hit enter.

How do I add a search bar in Confluence?

Using the Page Tree Search macro, you can add a search box to your Confluence page.

Use the Page Tree Search macro

  1. In the Confluence editor, select > View more.
  2. Find the item to be inserted and select it.
  3. Select Insert.

How do you do a Find and Replace in Jira?

When you are in the edit mode, just press CTRL-F. A new headerbar display and you can search and replace within confluence.

How do you check out files in Confluence?

Clicking Edit in Confluence automatically checks-out the attachment. It is checked-in again once you have completed your work. A manual check-out is of course also possible.

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Why is Confluence search so bad?

The biggest problem Confluence search has is that it’s terrible with relevance, and using its tools to narrow down the search can improve the relevance of the results considerably.

How do I search a label in Confluence?

Search by label

You can use the ‘ labelText: ‘ prefix to search specifically for content that has a specific label. For example, if you’re looking for pages with the label ‘chocolate’, type labelText:chocolate into the search field in the Confluence header.

What are labels in Confluence?

Labels are keywords or tags that you can add to pages, blog posts, attachments, and spaces. You can define your own labels and use them to categorize, identify or bookmark content in Confluence. Any user with permission to edit a page can add a label to a page.