You asked: Who can facilitate an ART sync?

Who facilitates the product owner sync meeting?

This event typically occurs weekly, or more frequently, as needed. The PO sync is also timeboxed (30 – 60 minutes) and is followed by a meet after to solve any problems. The PO sync may be facilitated by the RTE or a Product Manager.

What are two conditions to look for when coaching an art sync?

What are two conditions to look for when coaching an ART sync meeting? (choose two) The program board is used as a big visual information radiator (BVIR) for the meeting Look-ahead planning and discussion for the next Program Increment (PI) is not occurring The Release Train Engineer is not vocal in the event Feature

Who is responsible for prioritizing the iteration backlog?

The Product Owner defines the ‘what’; the team defines ‘how’ and ‘how much’. Throughout iteration planning, the team elaborates the acceptance criteria for each story and estimates the effort to complete each one. Based on their available capacity for the iteration, the team then selects the candidate stories.

Who commits the scope of an iteration?

With a fixed iteration length, the Product Owner and the team adjusts scope and cost to fit what can be done in the iteration. At the beginning of a project, there may be an initial allocations of features or stories to increments based on value or dependencies.

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Which two roles should facilitate an agile release train sync?

The Release Train Engineer, also called RTE, is responsible for facilitating the Agile Release Train Synchronization Meetings. RTE is a servant leader who takes care of other Agile Release Train events as well. RTE is also responsible for guiding the teams through processes and streamline the deliveries.

Who is the content authority for an agile team?

Product Manager – Product Manager acts as a Content authority for the Agile Release Train. He is responsible for defining and prioritizing the Program Backlog, To provide the Vision and Roadmap for the Team.

Who should attend iteration review?

Attendees at the iteration review include: The Agile team, which includes the Product Owner and the Scrum Master. Stakeholders who want to see the team’s progress, which may also include other teams.

Who is responsible for managing the portfolio kanban?

Epic Owners are responsible for coordinating portfolio Epics through the Portfolio Kanban system. They collaboratively define the epic, its Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Lean business case, and when approved, facilitate implementation.

Who facilitates solution train events quizlet?

Program Level – is a servant leader and the chief Scrum Master for the train. The RTE facilitates optimizing the flow of value through the program using various mechanisms, such as the Program Kanban, Inspect & Adapt workshop, PI Planning, and more. Large Solution Level – Is the ultimate buyer of every solution.