You asked: How do I update Jira release?

How do I see releases in Jira?

How do I find the ‘Release’ page for a version? Go to your project > Releases > your desired version.

How do I add release notes?

A guide for writing great product release notes

  1. Focus on the value to the customer.
  2. Keep them punchy.
  3. Use plain language.
  4. Include images, videos, gifs, and links to additional information.
  5. Inject your brand’s tone of voice.
  6. Group them logically.
  7. Segment them by impacted user.
  8. Include specific dates.

How do I release a release in Jira?

Release your version in Jira Software

  1. Go to the project that your version is in, and then click Releases > your desired version.
  2. On the version page, click the Release button.
  3. The release dialog will be displayed.
  4. Enter the details for the release, then click the Release button.

What is Jira release hub?

The Release Hub in Jira Software can help you stay on top of everything when it’s time to release a version. Each issue in Jira Software also has a development panel that helps you see the development status of an issue at a glance.

What is release in Jira?

Releases represent points in time for your project. They can be used to schedule how features are rolled out to your customers, or as a way to organize work that has been completed for the project.

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Who reads release notes?

Some companies have entire teams devoted to writing release notes and other end-user documentation. But for many small and mid-sized companies, this job falls to one person, such as the product manager.

Who is responsible for release notes?

Release notes may be written by a technical writer or any other member of the product, development or test team. Oftentimes it’s a collaborative process that is part of the product launch process.