You asked: How do I see all user stories in JIRA?

How do I see user stories in Jira?

@Marc Collins If you have browse permission in your JIRA project and the default issue type “Story” exists as an issue type in your project, then you should be able to access and see User Stories in the project.

How do I see all activity in Jira?

Extending on this answer for 2019 and for Jira Cloud…

  1. Click on the Jira icon at the top left.
  2. Click on Dashboards. …
  3. Assuming the Default Dashboard hasn’t changed, there is an “Activity Stream” gadget on that dashboard. …
  4. This will show you work logs, issue transitions, comments, etc.

How do I see all tickets in Jira?

Open the project issue navigator

  1. Choose Projects and select a starred or recent project, or choose View all projects and select a project.
  2. From your project’s sidebar, select Issues and filters.
  3. Select an issue filter, like All issues to view all issues in the project.
  4. Select an issue from the list to open it.

How do you find user stories in agile?

Getting started with agile user stories

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Start by evaluating the next, or most pressing, large project (e.g. an epic). Break it down into smaller user stories, and work with the development team for refinement. Once your stories are out in the wild where the whole team can see them, you’re ready to get to work.

How do I see closed stories in Jira?

Reopen a closed sprint

  1. From the Jira board, you want to reopen the closed sprints, click on “Reports” on the left sidebar.
  2. Select the report “Sprint Report”.
  3. Choose the sprint you want to reopen.
  4. Click reopen sprint on the right side. …
  5. Your selected sprint is now active.

What is Username in Jira?

I was able to find the username for a user by doing the following: 1. Click the Comment button on any Jira ticket to start composing a comment. 2. Type the “@” symbol then start typing the name of the user for whom you want to know the username.

How do I find my team in Jira?

Click People in your app switcher to access your people directory. When you arrive, you’ll see teams you’re a member of, and the people who have most recently collaborated on the same content as you.

How do I follow someone in Jira?

Follow another user

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Network. Alternatively, choose More in the Network section of your profile sidebar.
  2. Search for and select the user in the Following field.
  3. Choose Follow.

How do I find my tickets in Jira?

To use the quick search: Enter your search criteria in the search box in the header bar of Jira and press Enter. Tip: If you know the issue key or project key, enter it before other search terms, e.g. “JRA help link is broken”.

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How do I see a project in Jira?

To find projects in Jira Work Management: Choose Projects and select a starred or recent project, or choose View all projects and select a project.

How do I view a project in Jira?

You can access the project Activity page by selecting the Project drop-down, and selecting your project from the list. If your project is not listed, select View all projects to search for your project. Once you’re viewing the project, click the Summary link to view the Activity page.