What is programmatic Guaranteed vs PMP?

What is PMP in programmatic?

PMP stands for ‘Private Marketplace. ‘ In a nutshell, a private marketplace refers to a digital marketplace where advertising is bought and sold programmatically between exclusive parties.

What does programmatic Guaranteed mean?

Programmatic Guaranteed: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that’s reserved (guaranteed) for that buyer. Inventory is designated only for that buyer at that price. Preferred Deal: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that the buyer can optionally bid on.

What is PMP in DSP?

Private Marketplace (PMP)

A deal id is then assigned to the group which allows it to be identified and purchased programmatically through a DSP. PMPs are separate from, and more controlled than, an open auction.

Is programmatic direct the same as programmatic guaranteed?

Programmatic direct vs programmatic guaranteed

Both are very much the same, however, programmatic direct can contain programmatic guaranteed or non-guaranteed agreements between publishers and advertisers as mentioned above.

What PMP targeting?

With Targeted PMP, buyers simply need to: Select the publishers they want (one or many) and apply targeting on all publishers (such as audience, viewability, ad format, etc.) Review the reach and impressions they will get in aggregate and with each publisher. Create the deal.

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Why is programmatic guaranteed?

Programmatic Guaranteed deals allow you to execute direct buys with publishers while eliminating manual processes, such as exchanging tags, troubleshooting discrepancies, and handling multiple invoices. In addition, the use of audience targeting helps narrow who your ad is shown to.

What is a PMP deal?

What are PMP deals? A private marketplace, as the name suggests, is an invite-only marketplace where publishers make their premium inventory available directly to select buyers. PMPs are a subset of real-time bidding (RTB) and combine the efficiency of programmatic with the exclusivity of direct deals.

Is Google Ad Manager programmatic?

With Google Ad Manager, your sales teams have the flexibility to offer Programmatic Guaranteed buyers all the same inventory packages and creative executions they do today using traditional reservation workflows.

Is Google ads An ad exchange?

Google AdX (aka Google Ad Exchange, aka DoubleClick Ad Exchange) is an ad exchange network that brings publishers, advertisers, and agencies together. AdX primarily focuses on providing real-time biddings, private auctions, and preferred deals.

What is audience guaranteed?

Audience Guaranteed is a form of programmatic guaranteed transaction. In audience guaranteed sales, the programmer (via the ad exchange) only sends the buyer impression opportunities that exactly matches the advertiser’s target audience.