What is a PI in Jira?

How do you run a PI plan?

Release Train Engineer

  1. Establish and communicate the annual calendars.
  2. Get everything ready (including pre and post PI Planning meetings)
  3. Manage risks and dependencies.
  4. Create Program PI Objectives from Team PI Objectives and publish them.
  5. Track progress towards expected goals.
  6. Ensure strategy and execution alignment.

What is goal of Pi planning event?

In addition to opening lines of communication, the goal of a PI planning event is to: Create an Agile Release Train (ART). The ART aligns vision, planning, risks, and dependencies among the various teams to focus on fast, flexible development and release.

What should PI objectives be based on?

The PI objectives should draw focus towards helping the user or the business owner implement a feature. It should be planned in such a way that you get feedback as early as possible so changes can be made in time so that it reduces costs and risks in the future.

Who participates PI planning?

The PI Planning meeting is a two-day event in SAFe methodology where proper planning is done. The Participants of the PI Planning meeting are all the team members, the business clients or the stakeholders the managers if any and product owners.

What are the two inputs to PI planning?

So what goes into a PI Planning? The Program Vision and Program Backlog are two key inputs that are essential for conducting a PI Planning meeting. The Vision provides the context to the entire team on why and how the work being done in the PI will help in the delivery of the overall Solution.

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