Quick Answer: How many project managers are PMP certified?

What percentage of project managers have the PMP?

The PMI’s 2008 Pulse of the Profession research found “that having project managers without PMP certification results in a lower percent of projects coming in on time and on budget—especially when less than 10 percent of the project managers in the company are PMPs.

How many people are certified PMP?

According to the PMI, there are more than 1,000,000 holders of the internationally recognized PMP credential across 214 territories worldwide.

Country The United States*
Population (million) 331
PMP Holders 372726
PMP certified per 1 million 1126.1

How many people have PMI certifications?

There are more than 660,000 professionals with PMI certification worldwide. You could be one of them. Take a minute to look at the descriptions and requirements for each of our certifications. Take the time to consider the one that is best suited to your business role, skills, experience and education.

Is PMP still in demand?

There is a growing demand for project managers throughout the world. As a matter of fact, many corporations are training their employees for PMP certification. This information is leading to increased need and demand for proficient and skilled managers. There is no doubt that the cost of PMP certification is high.

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Is PMP only for project managers?

In short: NO, the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is not only for software developers, engineers, and IT professionals. NO, the words “project manager” don’t need to appear on your resume or CV for you to be eligible.

How many people get PMP each year?

A person receiving any certification today would receive a number of approximately 2.1 million. The numbers are not limited to PMPs, but the vast majority of certificates are for the PMP, as indicated in the PMI Today data. Third, the numbers have been increasing steadily at a rate of about 120,000 per year since 2005.

Is PMP equivalent to a degree?

They are not equivalent, and whether or not one is more valuable than the other depends on what you are trying to accomplish. A PMP could not qualify you to enroll in a PhD program, for example, whereas a Masters degree from an accredited university could.

What is the pass percentage for PMP exam?

A Brief History of PMP Passing Score Changes

After a few days, the PMI reverted the passing percentage to 61% and showed scores for each domain in the exam result reports.

Which is the best PMP certification?

The CAPM and Project+ remain the best-known entry-level project management certifications, with the PMP as the primary professional target and capstone for would-be professional IT project managers.