Question: What is structure in Jira?

How do I create a structure in Jira?

Creating a JIRA Structure

To create a new structure, select Structure – Create Structure in the top menu or click the Create Structure button on the Manage Structures page. You have the option of using a template or starting with an empty structure.

How do I see structures in Jira?

From the Jira menu, go to Structure | Manage Structures and select the Search tab.

Finding a Structure by Its ID

  1. Click the Search by the structure ID tab.
  2. Enter the structure ID. (It must be a number.)
  3. Click Search. If there’s a structure with the specified ID and you have the permission to view it, it will be shown.

How do you edit a structure in Jira?

To do that, click the Automation button in the structure toolbar. You’ll see the generators (in red) – rules that bring in the issues into the structure and arrange them. Double-click the generator you want to modify and change the settings. Repeat for all the generators that need to be changed.

How do I add issues to structures in Jira?

You can add an issue to a structure both from the Structure Board and from the Issue Page. On the Structure Board, use Search to find the desired issues and add them to a structure using drag-and-drop or copy/paste. When searching, make sure the JIRA Search Results secondary panel is switched on.

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