Question: How do you select multiple rows in notion?

Which key is used to select multiple rows?

Select one or more rows and columns

Or click on any cell in the column and then press Ctrl + Space. Select the row number to select the entire row. Or click on any cell in the row and then press Shift + Space. To select non-adjacent rows or columns, hold Ctrl and select the row or column numbers.

How do you highlight rows in notion?

Open up Notion to a page that contains a block of text that you want to be highlighted. Press “Enter” to add the highlight color to the text. Alternatively, you can type “/blue” or whatever color you want from the available colors in Notion and select it from the contextual menu that appears as shown above.

How do you select multiple fields?

Click a field name to select the first field. Hold down SHIFT and click another field name to add to the selection all the fields between the last field selected and that field. Hold down CONTROL and click a field name to add it to or remove it from the selection.

How do you select multiple lines in pages?

Select a range of text: Click in front of the first character, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click at the end of the text you want to select. You can select just a few characters or a large amount of text across paragraphs or pages.

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How do I quickly select thousands of rows in Excel?

Select a Large Range of Cells With the Shift Key

Click the first cell in the range you want to select. Scroll your sheet until you find the last cell in the range you want to select. Hold down your Shift key, and then click that cell. All the cells in the range are now selected.

How do you multi select using the keyboard?

To select multiple items in a list, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key. Then click on your desired items to select. All of the items you have selected should be highlighted with a different-colored background. Note: Be sure to hold the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key down while selecting multiple items.

How do you select multiple options in a list?

To select multiple options, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key if you are using a PC system or the Apple key if you are using a Macintosh system, while you click on the several options that you wish to select.

How do I control select all?

Select all of the text in your document or on your screen by holding down the “Ctrl” key and pressing the letter “A”. 18 Tech Support Reps Are Online! Microsoft Answers Today: 65. Remember the “Select All” shortcut (“Ctrl+A”) by associating the letter “A” with the word “All”.