Question: How do I get notion icons?

How do I get icons for notion?

Notion Icons – Tool to Easily Add Icons to Notion

  1. Go to Icons tab.
  2. Type keywords in Search box to filter icons.
  3. You can customize color by clicking color swatch.
  4. If you use dark mode in Notion, you can toggle Dark mode button to see how it looks in dark mode.
  5. Click on the Icon to copy url to clipboard.

How do I add custom icons to notion?

How to Upload a Custom Icon on Notion

  1. Open the Page in Notion, then hover above the title.
  2. Select the option entitled ‘Add Icon’ that will appear upon hover.
  3. A random icon will now be assigned to the Page, click it.
  4. Click on the Upload an Image tab in the menu.

How do I get more Emojis for notion?

How to Add Emoji in Notion – A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click inside the Notion page you want to add an emoji to.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut for opening the emoji tray on your computer’s operating system. Windows – Windows key and . ( …
  3. Select the emoji you want from the emoji picker tray.
  4. Your emoji will appear on your Notion page.

How do I add to Spotify Notion?

To integrate Spotify into Notion, click the horizontal three-dot icon next to a song, album, or playlist title on Spotify’s desktop version and then select Sharing > Embed code. This will give you a piece of a

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How do you use dark mode Notion?

Steps Notion Dark Mode

Use the dropdown to switch between the following options: Get your operating system color with Use system settings that follow your system appearance setting. Here choose Light to display light mode. Here choose Dark to display dark mode.

How do you add a PNG to a notion?

Notion makes it easy to add, resize, and arrange images in any configuration or format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.). Click the + that appears in your left margin when you hover over a new line. Choose Image and press enter . Or, type /image and press enter .