Is it possible to delete Jira ticket?

How do I delete a ticket in Jira board?

Indeed, the way to “remove” an issue from a board is to change it so that it is no longer selected by the filters the board is showing. The Kanban board is just a view on the tickets being fetched by underlying filter. If you make changes in filter then you can remove the tickets from appearing.

Why can’t I delete a Jira issue?

Hello, If you are a Jira admin, it does not mean that you can delete any issue in Jira. You need to have the Delete Issues permission in the project permission scheme either directly or via a group or a role.

How do I revert a ticket in Jira?

Use z+z or select Undo to simply reverse any changes done to a Jira issue

  1. Undo menu. Simply use the Undo menu or just click z+z.
  2. History Recorded. any Undo action is recorded in the issue history for easy tracking.
  3. Click z+z. use the keyboard shortcut : z+z.

How do I bulk delete in Jira?

Delete multiple issues

Select Tools > Bulk Change. Select the issues you’d like to perform the bulk operation on, and select Next. Select Delete Issues, and select Next. If available, decide whether you’d like to send email notifications.

Can you recover a deleted Jira issue?

As @Joe Pitt said above, a Jira issue cannot be recovered once it’s deleted.

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Who can delete tickets in Jira?

To be able to delete an issue in Jira you need to have the correct project permission to do so. Check out a similar question. You will need to set yourself the permission Delete Issues on the project’s permission scheme. in the project settings.