Is flock better than Slack?

Is flock reliable?

Team messaging app Flock provides reliable collaboration tools, but it’s falling behind the competition.

How many users does flock have?

Flock has 1 lakh plus weekly active users, 259,226 teams created so far with 10,000-plus teams being added every month.

Is Slack better than GroupMe?

GroupMe Vs Slack: Setup and initial use

Since GroupMe is mostly used as a smartphone app and Slack is more popular as a desktop tool, their installation and initial setup are vastly different. But, the most significant difference between the two apps is the fact that Slack needs to be implemented on a team level.

Is flock messaging free?

Like most team messaging apps, Flock is free unless you want to add extra file-sharing and more advanced features such as Active Directory Sync or additional admins. … Under the Free plan, everyone shares 5GB of data as a team — no matter how many people you add. With the Pro plan, each person has 10GB of storage.

How does Flock app work?

Flock empowers teams by providing them with a slew of in-built productivity tools such as shared notes, reminders, to-dos, polls. Users can talk to remote teams over audio and video calls. … Flock’s App Store allows teams to plug apps into Flock and eliminate the need to switch between multiple tools to get work done.

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Is flock Indian?

The company is however optimistic, Turakhia says that Flock, whose product development happens in India, has 135,000 weekly active users.

What is the best app for group chat?

6 Top Apps For Group Text Messaging

  1. WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a versatile chat client that lets you talk with friends around the world. …
  2. GroupMe. …
  3. Google+ Hangouts™ …
  4. 4. Facebook Messenger. …
  5. Voxer® …
  6. WeChat.

Is slack for free?

Free, Pro, and Business+

You can use the free version of Slack with some limitations, or upgrade to a paid plan to access more features.