How much does it cost to retake the PMP exam?

Do you have to pay to retake PMP exam?

Retaking the Exam

Failing the exam isn’t the end of the world. However, you will have to pay to retake it. You can retake the exam up to 3 times each year, but you’re going to have to pay each time. To retake the exam, PMI members pay $275 and non-members pay $375.

What happens if I fail my PMP exam?

If you fail the examination three times within the one-year eligibility period, you must wait one year from the date of the last examination you took to reapply for the credential. You need to pay a re-examination fee for each retake. The re-examination fees also varies depending upon whether you are a PMI member.

How much does it cost to take the PMP exam a second time?

The exam fee for the second and third attempts is discounted and will be different for PMI members and non-members. The fees for the second or third re-examinations of the computer-based test are as follows: PMI members: 275 USD. Non-members: 375 USD.

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Is PMP changing in 2021?

The PMP® Certification Exam Has Changed

The new version of the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam launched on 2 January 2021.

How many people pass PMP first attempt?

I passed the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam on my first try. I don’t say this to brag but to say that it’s possible to pass the PMP exam on your first try despite the estimated 40–50% first time fail rate.

Does anyone fail the PMP?

While I hope it doesn’t happen to you, some people fail the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam 3 times. … You are the one taking and failing the test and you should carry some responsibility for not being able to pass because many, many other people do manage to get through it each year.

Do PMP questions repeat?

Note to all: Critical path questions are repeated with different durations in the exam, so if you solve a question/draw it on the paper, make sure you leave enough space to write over it because you will most likely need it later on with different timings/durations.

What is the pass/fail rate for the PMP exam?

Myth: The PMP exam pass rate is confirmed at 61%. Fact: There is no confirmed or official PMP exam passing score. Although PMI published a PMP exam pass rate of 61% in 2005, they have not released any updated information since then, while the exam and its scoring system have been updated multiple times.

What happens if you fail the PMP exam 3 times?

If you fail the examination three times within your one-year eligibility period, you must wait one year from the date of the last examination you took to reapply for the certification. However, after failing a certification examination three times, candidates may opt to apply for any other PMI certification.

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Is PMP exam open book?

PMP is a closed book exam. It means you cannot refer to any material during the course of the exam. You will be given 4 hours to complete the exam. No scheduled breaks are allowed during these 4 hours.

How much is the PMP exam fee?

How Much Does the PMP Exam Cost? The PMP exam is $405 for those with a PMI (Project Management Institute) membership and $555 for those without a membership. While the cost may seem steep, this is a door to a new phase in your career. In addition to the monetary cost, you also need to consider the time investment.

Is PMP exam hard to pass?

PMP exam covers a broad spectrum of project management topics.It is an challenging and in-depth exam and goes beyond the basics covered in other entry level exams. While it is difficult, it is certainly out of reach. With right resources and good study , you can pass the PMP exam 2021 with flying colours.