How many types of events are there in Jira?

What are Jira events?

Jira has a complete event subsystem that fires events whenever anything happens inside the application. For example, an ISSUE_CREATED event is fired whenever an issue is created. A Listener is a class that implements one of the Listener interfaces. It is then called whenever events occur in Jira.

How many types of Jira are there?

The standard issue types in Jira are story, task, bug, subtask, and epic.

What are generic events in Jira?

A generic event is the event fired by default when Jira has not been told to fire a better one. They’re no different to any other event, other than in name.

What are the types of reports does Jira has?

We can generate following reports in JIRA:

  • 1) Average Age Report: It shows that how many issues are pending or unsolved. …
  • 2) Issue Created vs. Resolved Issues Report: …
  • 3) Pie chart Report: …
  • 4) Project Pivot Report: …
  • 5) Recently Created issue Report:

How do I create an event in Jira?

Proceed with the following steps to create custom events in JIRA:

  1. Navigate to Administration | System | Events.
  2. Enter the new event’s name.
  3. Select a template that will be used for the e-mail notification when the event is fired. …
  4. Click on the Add button to create the new event, as shown in the following screenshot:
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Does atlassian own Jira?

Jira (/ˈdʒiːrə/ JEE-rə) is a proprietary issue tracking product developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management.

Can we backup data in JIRA cloud?

Jira Cloud does not support automated backups. Currently, you can perform data-only backups (which exclude attachments, avatars, and logos) at any time. When you create a backup that includes attachments, avatars, and logos, you will need to wait 48 hours from the last time you created a backup with attachments.