How do you set a resolution field in Jira?

How does the resolution field work in Jira?

The “Resolution” field is an important feature in Jira. It specifies the reason an issue is closed and removes the need of having multiple statuses with the purpose of stating why the issue is closed, thus capturing important data for your team while reducing the time you have to manage your workflow.

How do I create a Resolution Time report in Jira?

Click on the project that you want to browse or click on “View All Projects”; the user will be able to view the list of all projects in your JIRA account. Click on the “Reports” dropdown on the right of the page and click on the “Resolution Time Report” from the drop down menu.

How do I reset the resolution in Jira?

The value to choose is None.

  1. Go and edit the workflow which you are using for this project.
  2. Click on the Reopen transition.
  3. On the Post Functions tab, click on Add post function.
  4. Choose Update Issue Field.
  5. Select Resolution and value None.
  6. Click Add.
  7. If you edit an active workflow, remember to publish your draft afterward.
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How do I make resolution not required in Jira?

The way to make the resolution field optional is to not add it to a screen, you cannot set it to optional/required from the field configuration. I would recommend to instead of adding it to a screen, use post functions in the workflow to set the resolution.

How do I get resolved in Jira?

Here’s a better way to do this in JIRA 6 and later (including JIRA onDemand).

  1. Create a custom field called “Resolver”. Make it a person field but do not add it to any forms (unless you really want to).
  2. Edit your workflow and add a post function to the resolve issue transition in your workflow. …
  3. Publish your workflow.

What is resolution time report in Jira?

Report: Resolution Time Report

Shows the length of time taken to resolve a set of issues for a project/filter. This helps you identify trends and incidents that you can investigate further.

What is time to first response in Jira?

First Response Time is calculated by simply subtracting the entry time of the customer request from the time of a status change.

What is the difference between resolved and closed in Jira?

Closed means that the issue has been worked on but can be reopen. Resolved means that the issue has been worked on, closed and a resolution determined.

What is an issue resolution?

An Issue Resolution Meeting is used when two parties both recognize there is a problem to solve, but they have different beliefs about how the problem should be solved.