How do I register as a skills development facilitator?

How do I become a registered skills development facilitator?

What you can do.

  1. Register as a professionally recognised Skills Development Facilitator which is required by any organisation who has a training department in place or who conduct skills development training interventions.
  2. Conduct a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
  3. Conduct an Annual Training Report (ATR)

How do I become a skills provider?

The main steps in the accreditation process to become a QCTO Accredited Skills Provider:

  1. The Skills Provider determines primary focus.
  2. The QCTO Quality Assurance Management Division requirements are compiled by the provider.
  3. The Skills Provider completes and submits an online application form for accreditation.

What NQF level is skills development facilitator?

Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) – NQF 4-6 – Edupower.

How much is Seta stipend?

In terms of the agreement, Service Seta will pay a monthly stipend of R3 000 to each intern as part of the training to gain the much-needed work experience. Approximately R1 637 500 has been allocated to this programme to enable the students to complete their National Diploma (N6).

What does MICT SETA do?

The Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA) is a skills development institution established in terms of the Skills Development Act of 1998, to generate, facilitate and accelerate the processes of quality skills development at all levels in the MICT sector in …

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Which courses does Seta fund?

Bursaries will be awarded to those studying towards the following service sector qualifications (undergraduate and postgraduate):


  • Business Administration.
  • Business Management.
  • Communication Studies.
  • Human Resources.
  • Marketing.
  • Project Management.
  • Public Administration.
  • Media Studies.

How do I get funding for Seta?

In order for the levy paying employers to qualify to receive the mandatory grants, they have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an up-to-day levy-payer that is registered in terms of the Skills Development Levies Act.
  2. Employ a skills development facilitator (SDF).
  3. The WSP and ATR are submitted by the required deadline.

Who should register with Seta?

Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and the Skills Levy

  • you’ve registered your employees with SARS for tax purposes (Pay As You Earn (PAYE)), and.
  • if you pay over R500 000 a year in salaries and wages to your employees (even if they’re not registered for PAYE with SARS).

What is Seta certificate?

SETA (Skills Education Training Authority) ​

accredited training entails that a skills development course is approved by one of the 21 industry specific SETAs. ​Therefore, the main benefit for employers is the knowledge that a certain standard has been set and adhered to by the course provider.

How do you get accredited?

In order to be eligible to become accredited, an applicant institution must demonstrate that it meets the Requirements of Affiliation (100). An institution of higher education may be said to be affiliated with the Commission only after it has achieved candidacy (pre-accreditation) or accredited status.

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What is Seta bursary?

SETA bursaries are offered on the basis of academic merit, proof of registration in a scarce skills discipline and financial need. Only South African citizens are eligible. Candidates are required to sign an obligation to work in South Africa for a specified period, sometimes in a specific sector, upon graduation.