How do I mark a sprint complete in Jira?

Where is the complete sprint button in Jira?

Go to Project > Open a Project > Click on Active Sprints > Click on ‘Complete Sprint’ button (Top-Right side) > Select an appropriate option (in popup)> Click on ‘Complete’ button.

What happens when I click complete sprint in Jira?

When you complete the sprint, the following actions will occur: Your completed issues will move out of Active sprints. You can move any issues not completed at the end of the sprint to one of the inactive sprints, the Backlog, or a new sprint.

How do I use sprint Planning in Jira?

To plan a future sprint:

  1. If not already there, navigate to your company-managed Jira Software project.
  2. From your project’s sidebar, select your Backlog.
  3. Click Create sprint at the top of the backlog section. …
  4. Select Add dates (located under the sprint’s header) to plan the start and end date of your future sprint.

How do you cancel Sprint?

Dial *2 from your Sprint phone or call 888-211-4727 to speak with a representative. If you have a business plan, dial *2 from your Sprint phone or call 800-927-2199.

How do I edit a completed sprint in Jira?

In JIRA Server – To rename a Completed Sprint : Go to the ‘Report’ Tab and select the ‘Sprint Report’ in the dropdown. Select your Sprint from the dropdown. Click ‘Edit Sprint’ and rename it.

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How do I see completed cards in Jira?

@Sandra Fernandes simply get out of the project (go to the Jira logo on top left corner) then go to Issues and filters in the menu and there you can filter by project and by Done tickets or issues.

How do I make Sprint active/inactive in Jira?

you can’t make the sprint inactive, but you can remove the sprint like that:

  1. Complete the sprint.
  2. Since all issues were incomplete, you can move them to another sprint (create one before) or to the backlog.
  3. You can then keep the completed sprint or remove it with the “…”-Button in the sprint report.