How do I find the first assignee in Jira?

How do I find previous assignee name in Jira?

open http:///secure/admin/ViewCustomFields.jspa. Click on “Add Custom Field” Select Field Type “User Picker” and click “Next” Name your field “Last Assignee” and click “Create”

How do I search for an assignee in Jira?

Search for issues

  1. robots. noindex. Select Filters and click a filter or choose Advanced issue search.
  2. Set Assignee to “Current User” at the top of the search page. The search results refresh when you select new criteria.
  3. Choose More > Resolution and check “Unresolved”.

How do I see history in Jira?

Steps to View History

  1. Go to View Issue Page to see change history.
  2. Scroll down to Activity section.
  3. Click on History tab.

How do I change the default assignee in Jira?

1 answer

  1. Go to the Project Settings.
  2. Choose Details from the left-hand panel.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this page and change the Default Assignee to “Unassigned”
  4. Press Save Details.

How do I find the assignee ID in Jira?

From within Jira, you can click your own user avatar -> Profile. As for how to find other user’s accountId while in Jira Cloud, you can use the People section in the top nav bar to find the user and click on their name. This is another way to find other users accountId.

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How do I search a label in Jira?

Select Quick Filters from the left-hand menu. Create a quick filter by giving it a name and in the JQL box, enter a query such as labels = Test. Press Add. You can then press the Quick Filter from the board to see issues which have that label.

How do I see my activity in Jira?

To view activity details:

  1. Open the Jira site you want to manage, and then select > User management. If you administer multiple sites, you can alternatively go to and choose the appropriate site.
  2. Find the user whose activity you want to check in the table.