How do I change the color of my Microsoft teams icon?

How do I change my team icon?

Change your team picture

  1. Navigate to a team and hover over the current picture.
  2. Select Change team picture.
  3. Select an avatar or select Upload to choose an image from your own files. Use the dropdowns to filter by grade level and subject if you’re in a class team.
  4. Select Update to save your new team picture.

Why can’t I change my Microsoft team picture?

If setting up the new image on your desktop app fails, try uploading the new profile picture using Teams for the Web or the Mobile app. Also, try reducing the colors to 255 as well. Many users confirmed this solution worked for them.

How do I customize my Microsoft team?

Top 5 ways to customize Microsoft Teams to make it your own

  1. Try the dark theme.
  2. Configure read receipts.
  3. Add some apps.
  4. Tweak your notifications.
  5. Set a custom status message.

Can you change teams color?

Select Settings and more

near your profile picture. Select General. Under Theme, select Default, Dark, or High Contrast. Your theme will change to your selection.

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