How do I add a space in Confluence?

What is the shortcut for adding a space in Confluence?

Try this out:

  1. Choose Space tools > Configure sidebar from the bottom of the sidebar (or the cog menu if your sidebar is collapsed)
  2. Add a space shortcut by clicking +Add link. Shortcuts can be to Confluence pages or spaces, or to any other content on the web.

What is a space key in Confluence?

Each Confluence space has a space key, which is a short, unique identifier that forms part of the URL for that space. When you create a site space, Confluence will suggest a space key or you can enter your own key to make it more memorable. For example, you might give your marketing team’s space a key of MARKETING.

How do I manage a space in Confluence?

Administer a space that uses the Documentation theme

  1. Go to the space you wish to manage.
  2. Choose Browse > Space Admin from the header. Note: The Space Admin option appears only if you have space admin permissions, or if you’re part of the ‘confluence-administrators’ group.

Can we change confluence space key?

The name can be changed, but the key stays fixed troughout the life of the space. You are correct that the only way to “change” the space key would be to copy the space to a new space with the desired key. You can not change the space key once it is set while creating a space.

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How do I change the space key in Confluence cloud?

On Confluence, go to Space -> Space Tools -> Content Tools -> Export -> XML –> Next -> Full Export -> Export Space and export the target space as XMLincluding attachments. Download the export. Go to Import Spaces. Select the Export and the option to link the Space import to the JIRA project created on step 1.

How do I add a personal space in Confluence cloud?

Create your personal space

  1. Choose your profile picture at the right side of the Confluence header.
  2. Select Add Personal Space…
  3. Hit Create. …
  4. Choose Space tools > Permissions from the bottom of the siderbar.
  5. Hit Edit Permissions (enter your password if prompted) …
  6. Uncheck View and hit Save all at the bottom of the page.

Where is space admin confluence?

To find out who is an administrators in your space, either: Go to Space Tools > Overview in the space. Go to Spaces > Space Directory on the header, then choose theSpace Details icon beside the space.