Frequent question: How do you make an inactive task in MS Project?

What is an inactive task in MS project?

An inactive task is a task that stays in the plan, but does not affect resource availability, the project schedule, or how other tasks are scheduled. They appear dimmed with a strikethrough.

How do I inactivate a task in MS project 2013?

How to Delete Tasks and Use Inactive Tasks in Project 2013

  1. In Gantt Chart view, select the task to make inactive.
  2. Click the Inactivate button in the Schedule group on the Task tab of the Ribbon. Project immediately reformats the task as inactive.

Can you hide a task in Microsoft project?

The only way to “hide” tasks is to set up a filter that excludes what you don’t want. This can be with an auto-filter or a custom filter which has the tasks you want to hide flagged (e.g. Flag1).

How do I make a task inactive?

Inactivate a task

  1. Click View, and then in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart.
  2. In the table, select the number of the task you want to inactivate.
  3. Click Task, and then in the Schedule group, click Inactivate. The inactive task stays in the task list, but the text is grayed out and has a line through it.
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When would you choose to split a task?

When you split a task, you break it into two or more separate parts so that parts of a task can start earlier or later than others. Most typically, a task is split when only part of a task is going to be delayed.

How do I delete a row in Microsoft Project?

To delete a row from your project, select the row, right click on it and then from the contextual menu select “Delete Task/Resource” option. Another way to delete the row is to select it and then from Task/Team menu – click on “Delete” button.

How do I ungroup tasks in MS Project?

Group assignments

Under Groups, choose Task or Resource, select a grouping criterion, and then choose Edit. Select the Group assignments, not tasks or Group assignments, not resources check box. Choose Save, and then choose Apply. To return the view to its ungrouped state, in the Group By box, choose No Group.

How do you collapse all summary tasks in MS Project?

If you want to collapse all the summary tasks from your project at once, you can use the Outline Level 2 functionality. In order to do that, go to the Project menu – Outline – select Outline Level 2 and all the summary tasks will be collapsed.

How do I remove summary tasks in Microsoft Project?

Do the following:

  1. Select all of the subtasks (in your example, task IDs #102-127).
  2. In the Schedule section of the Task ribbon, click the Outdent Task button. …
  3. Right-click on the former summary task and then select the Delete Task item on the shortcut menu.
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