Best answer: On which process group do the most successful project managers spend more time when compared to average project managers?

In which process group should you spend the most time and money?

Correct answer is C Executing of the five project management process groups is the most time and money usually spent.

In which of the following project management process groups is the most time and money usually spent?

Executing. The executing group is where most of the action happens on a project. It is also where most of the budget is spent and where the actual project deliverables are produced. The executing process group includes ten project management processes.

In which phase of the project is the project spend the highest?

The period with the high slope is usually around the middle of a project, i.e., during the execution and monitoring & controlling phase(s). But I have known projects that had huge initial cash outlays required at the beginning, and others that had similarly large payments owed at the end.

What does a project manager spend most of their time doing?

The successful project managers spend most of their time: … Communication with the project team D.

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What are the five project management process groups in order quizlet?

The five Project Management Process groups are: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

At what stage of the project the project manager focusses on defining and project leadership team with knowledge skills and experience Mcq?

During the initiation phase of the project, the project manager focused on defining and finding a project leadership team with the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage a large complex project in a remote area of the globe.

Which stage of project management life cycle requires the maximum time of completion?

The implementation phase is the longest in the project life cycle.