Best answer: How do you add birthdays to your birthday on slack?

How do I add birthdays to slack?

Let’s find BirthdayBot in the Slack Apps section and open it on the Home tab. Find the Show more button in the Your summary section that will allow you to Edit info. Having chosen the option to edit, a new window will pop-up giving you a chance to change your birthday. Click the Save button.

How do I check my birthday on slack?

How to see someone’s birthday?

  1. There’s a shortcut in Slack that makes looking up your teammate’s bday fast and easy.
  2. Having chosen Look up a birthday option, a new window will pop-up offering you to specify a user whose bday you want to see.

How does slack birthday bot work?

BirthdayBot keeps everyone informed about upcoming birthdays. It also ensures all the members of your team get a proper b-day celebration whether they are working in the office or remote! BirthdayBot collects a list of everyone’s birthdays on the team.

Does slack alert birthdays?

When a new team member joins a channel, a Welcome Form is sent to them that includes a question about their birthday. The response is shared with BirthdayBot, so the app can use it to announce their birthday when it comes.

How do you enter your birthday on Discord?

To be clear, Discord users cannot manually change their profile age or date of birth themselves. Instead, they will need to contact Discord by accessing the Submit a request form in the settings.

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How do I change my birthday on Discord?

To change your age on Discord, you need to submit a request to Discord. In the form, you need to fill in your date of birth and attach a photo of yourself holding your ID if possible. Then, submit the request and wait for Discord to change your age.