Your question: How do I archive completed tasks in Outlook 365?

How do I save completed tasks in Outlook?

In the first place, turn to Outlook Task pane and pitch on the main task folder under the default Outlook data file. Then turn to the “Folder” tab and click on “New Folder” button. Lastly specify a name for the new folder, such as “Completed Tasks”, and then hit “OK” button.

What happens to a task when you mark it as complete?

Completed tasks have additional information stored in the task card to show when the task was completed and which user marked the task as complete. If you choose to filter out completed tasks and mark a task as complete in the Task Board view, you will note that it disappears from view.

Can you hide completed tasks in Outlook?

You can hide the completed tasks with changing the tasks view to active in Outlook. … Please click View > Change View > Active in Outlook 2010 and 2013. See screenshot: In Outlook 2007, please click View > Current View > Active Tasks.

How do I hide completed tasks?

All you have to do is click on the 3-dot menu in the active section and select the “Hide completed tasks” option. After that, all completed tasks are hidden until you restore them by opening the same menu.

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What is the difference between complete and completed?

2 Answers. Complete, unlike completed, implies something whole or full. Completed means finished, accomplished, or done. A lot of the meaning overlaps, but I think completed gives a better sense of accomplishment, though it really depends on how you’re using it.

What happens when you mark an email as complete on outlook?

When you’re done with an email, click Home > Follow Up, and then select either “Mark Complete” or “Clear Flag.” “Mark Complete” marks the task as done and removes it from the visible task list, while “Clear Flag” deletes the task.

How do I manage the daily task list in Outlook?

View your tasks in the Daily Task List in Calendar. The Daily Task List appears only in the Day and Week views in your Outlook Calendar. To toggle the Daily Task List on or off, in Calendar, click View, point to Daily Task List, and then click Normal or Off. , and then drag up or down.

When you remove a task it is removed from your To Do list?

When you delete or remove a task from the list, the task is moved to the Deleted Items folder.