Your question: Can you export data from BaseCamp?

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How do I export data from BaseCamp?

To export all BaseCamp™ data stored on your computer, select My Collection, and select File > Export > Export ‘My Collection’. To export one or more items or a list, select one or more items or a list, and select File > Export > Export Selection.

Can BaseCamp export to Excel?

In addition to the powerful views, users can export their data to Excel and CSV formats. They can easily choose to export fields from a view, as well as all fields available.

Where is BaseCamp data stored?

Managing Your Data

BaseCamp stores saved waypoints, routes, tracks, and other data in the Library and Devices area. The Library and Devices area is displayed (by default) on the left side of the BaseCamp window.

How do I export data?

Export Data

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. At the left, click Export.
  3. Click the Change File Type.
  4. Under Other File Types, select a file type. Text (Tab delimited): The cell data will be separated by a tab. …
  5. Click Save As.
  6. Specify where you want to save the file.
  7. Click Save. …
  8. Click Yes.
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How do I export coordinates from basecamp?

To transfer your waypoints, routes, and tracks to an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Launch Garmin BaseCamp.
  2. Select the desired waypoints from My Collection/SD/Data Card.
  3. Export the file. Click File. …
  4. Under Save As Type, select ‘Comma-delimited text (*csv)’
  5. Select a destination (ex. …
  6. Click Save.
  7. Launch Excel.
  8. Click File.

Does basecamp have an API?

The core ingredients are the same, though: Basecamp 3 is a REST-style API that uses JSON for serialization and OAuth 2.0 for authentication.

Can you transfer a BaseCamp project to another account?

No one can remove you from the account or any projects in it. Our legal responsibility is to the account owner, so we won’t let other people take over your account without your permission. The account belongs to you until you choose to transfer it to someone else.

Does BaseCamp work offline?

Basecamp doesn’t work offline currently.

How do I convert a GPX file to Excel?

Exporting User Data in Spreadsheet format

  1. Launch HomePort.
  2. Select the desired waypoints from My Collection/SD/Data Card.
  3. Export the file. Click File. …
  4. Select .GPX format as the file type for PC, or .CSV for a MAC.
  5. Select a destination (ex. My Documents or Desktop) to save it to on PC or MAC.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Launch Excel.
  8. Click File.

Is basecamp FedRAMP certified?

Basecamp is not listed as a Federal an approved, in-process, or authorized Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) solution.

How safe is basecamp?

Our state-of-the-art servers are protected by biometric locks and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. Only authorized personnel have access to the data center. 24/7/365 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entry and security breaches.

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Can basecamp admin see all projects?

Everyone added as a non-client user can:

Create a new Project or Team. Change who’s on a Project or Team (i.e., add and remove other users and clients) … See everyone and everything in all Projects, Teams, and Company HQ they’re a part of.