Your question: Can you create forms in Jira?

How do I use dynamic forms in Jira?

To add a configuration of Dynamic Forms:

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Manage apps.
  2. Select Dynamic Forms from the menu in the Dynamic Forms for Jira section.
  3. Click Create Dynamic Forms. …
  4. Select field/custom field from the drop down list and click Add. …
  5. Click … >

How do I create a Jira form in Confluence?

Create issues from inside Confluence

  1. Highlight some text on your page and choose the Create Jira issue icon that appears above the highlighted text.
  2. Enter your server (if you have multiple Jira sites connected to Confluence), project, issue type and description. …
  3. Choose Create.

How do I create a ProForma in Jira?

To allow users to create issues directly from forms, you must first enable the ProForma Issue Creator. To enable the Issue Creator, log in as a Jira Administrator and got to Jira Settings > Apps (Cloud) / Add-ons (Server) > ProForma. Go to Configuration and use the toggle button to enable the feature.

How do I create a form in Jira Service Desk?

Dynamic Forms configuration in Jira Service Desk

  1. Go to Issues in Jira Administration menu and in Custom fields, click on Add custom field, select the field type and create necessary fields. …
  2. To go to the global configuration, move to Manage apps and click on Dynamic Forms in Extension for Jira Service Desk section.
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Can you create forms in Confluence?

Answer. While Confluence does not have out-of-the-box capabilities to create forms, users can use Templates and Blueprints to emulate the look and feel of a form on a Confluence page. Users can customize pre-existing Blueprints, or create their own Blueprints.

How do I make an Airtable form?

With Airtable forms, you can collect information from anyone with a custom form that plugs directly into your workflow.

  1. Step 1: Create your form. Concepts covered: table, form editor, field. …
  2. Step 2: Customize your form. …
  3. Step 3: Share your form & collect submissions.

How do I create a request in Jira?

To create a request type:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Request types.
  2. Select Add new request type.
  3. Enter the Request name, Icon, and Issue type.
  4. Choose a Portal group, or leave the checkbox unselected to hide this request type from your portal.
  5. Select Create.

Does Jira have an API?

The Jira Software and Jira Service Management applications have REST APIs for their application-specific features, like sprints (Jira Software) or customer requests (Jira Service Management). If you haven’t used the Jira REST APIs before, make sure you read the Atlassian REST API policy.