You asked: Why do cells turn blue in Microsoft Project?

How do I change cell color in MS Project?

Highlight individual cells

On the Task tab, in the Font group, choose the down arrow on Background Color. Select a Theme color, a Standard Color, or choose More Colors for additional options.

How do I change the highlight color in MS Project?

Very easy, just go to Format/Format group and click on the Text Styles icon. In the Text Styles window click on the Item to Change selection box and select “Changed Cells”. Select the Background color and hit OK. Hope this helps.

What does yellow highlight mean in MS Project?

Built in task highlight options

Select the filter you want to apply. … By default the Highlighted tasks will be shown in blue (MS Project 2013, seems to default to background color of yellow). The image below shows tasks highlighted by date range – tasks falling in March are highlighted.

How do I get milestones highlighted in Microsoft Project?

Add a milestone with a duration

Click View, and then in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart. Type the milestone name in the first empty row or pick a task you want to turn into a milestone. Select the milestone, and then click Task.

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What does Blue highlight mean in MS Project?

Whenever you make a schedule change to a project, such as changing the Duration value for a task, Microsoft Project applies light blue cell background formatting to highlight the Duration, Start date, and/or Finish date of every task whose schedule is impacted by the scheduling change you made.

How do I use conditional formatting in MS Project?

There is no conditional formatting in Project, but you can achieve what you need through custom flag fields and some bar style formatting. In the Status field there are four possible results: Complete, On Schedule, Late, or Future.

What does marked mean in MS Project?

Description The Marked task field indicates whether a task is marked for further action or identification of some kind. To mark a task, click Yes in the Marked field. If you don’t want a task marked, click No. … You then filter on the Marked field to view and work with only those tasks marked Yes.

How do you highlight in Microsoft Project?

Highlight how tasks link to other tasks

  1. On the Gantt Chart, click the Format tab.
  2. Click Task Path, and then pick the related task to highlight. Predecessors Tasks that link to and come before the selected task. …
  3. To remove the task path highlighting, click Remove Highlighting.

What is blue on Gantt Chart?

Hi Naushin, Pink means Critical Path (ie “driving” the Project Completion Date), and can be toggled off (blue) under the option “gear box” button at the top left of the Gantt Chart.

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What does the blue color in the Gantt Chart signify?

Following are the most common meanings of different colors that can be used in a Gantt chart: … Blue is the color of peace and loyalty (tasks that are close to completion can be marked with this color) Green is the color of harmony (tasks that have been completed successfully can be marked with this color)

What do red bars mean in MS Project?

Remarks The red underlines that indicate potential scheduling conflicts in manually scheduled tasks appear until resolved or until you choose to ignore warnings for the tasks. To ignore warnings, change the Ignore Warning field from No to Yes.