You asked: How do I update a calendar in Confluence?

How do I sync my Outlook calendar with Confluence?

In Confluence:

  1. In the top nav, choose Apps > Calendars.
  2. Select the the More actions menu (•••) for your calendar in the side nav and choose Subscribe.
  3. In the Calendar app dropdown, select Microsoft Outlook (Windows desktop). If prompted, add the calendar to My Calendars. …
  4. Copy the server address.

How do I add a Google calendar to Confluence?

In Confluence:

  1. Choose to the right of your calendar, then choose Subscribe.
  2. Choose the Add to Google Calendar button (if it’s visible) …
  3. Copy the link URL. …
  4. Choose Add by URL from the Other Calendars menu.
  5. Paste the Team Calendars URL into Google Calendars.

Can you embed Google Calendar in Confluence?

With our Marketplace app Secure Google Calendar for Confluence you can embed a google calendar to your Confluence page. Don’t hesiate to get in touch with our support team at if you have questions or feedback.

How do you use team calendars?

Create a team calendar

  1. Open Calendar, and on the left next to Other calendars, click Add other calendars. Create new calendar.
  2. Name the calendar and add a description.
  3. Click Time zone and select your time zone.
  4. Click Create calendar. …
  5. (Optional) To update any calendar preferences, point to it and click More.
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What is Team calendar confluence?

Team Calendars in Confluence Premium lets your team stay organized and communicate availability with a schedule of personal and team events that link to individual work calendars and Confluence pages.

Can I link my Outlook calendar to teams?

You can add a shared Outlook calendar as a tab to a new or existing Microsoft Team. This shared calendar can be used to schedule and coordinate appointments, meetings, and events with members of your Team.

How do I add a team channel calendar to Outlook?

View Channel Calendar in outlook.

Select any team and click on the + button to add a new tab, Click on the Channel Calendar. Name the calendar and click add. This will add a tab to the teams and grant access to anyone on the team to view the calendar and its entries.