You asked: How do I delete an initiative in Jira?

How do I delete an activity in JIRA?

How to delete an issue workflow

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. In the Workflows section, click Workflows.
  3. Find the relevant workflow and click Delete.

How do I delete an item in JIRA?

“How to delete an issue from JIRA?” basically, if you have the necessary permissions then in the detailed issue view click on ellipses in upper right and select Delete.

How do I permanently delete a project in JIRA?

You must have the Administer Jira global permission to delete projects from trash. To permanently delete a project, you must first move the project to trash.

To permanently delete a project:

  1. Choose > Projects.
  2. Select Trash from the sidebar.
  3. Find your company-managed project and select. ••• > Delete permanently.

How do I delete an issue type in JIRA?

Select the Jira icon ( , , , or ) > Jira settings > Issues. Click Issue types. Find the relevant issue type and click Delete.

Can we delete history in Jira?

Jira’s issue history also stores such data: what has been modified or removed when by whom. Everybody being able to view an issue can also view that issue’s history. … The “Issue History Item Remover” allows administrators to delete individual history items cleaning up data.

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How do you delete a workflow?

To delete a workflow

  1. Choose the. icon, enter Workflows, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the workflow that you want to delete.
  3. Choose the Delete action.
  4. Alternatively, open the workflow that you want to delete.
  5. On the Workflow page, choose the Delete action.

Can I delete a task in Jira?

On the view screen of the issue, you have the more button and when you click on more button you should see the delete option. You can only delete the task if you have delete permissions.

Why can’t I delete issues in Jira?

Hello, If you are a Jira admin, it does not mean that you can delete any issue in Jira. You need to have the Delete Issues permission in the project permission scheme either directly or via a group or a role.

How do I delete a site in Jira?

On your cloud site, go to Administration> Billing > Manage subscriptions. Look for the product you want to reset (Jira or Confluence), select the 3 dots for more options, and then select Delete. Enter the word DELETE into the field.

What happens when you delete a project in Jira?

If you delete a project, you won’t affect them. Except for field content, which will be deleted along with the issues holding it.