You asked: How do I change project start time in MS Project?

How do I change the start time in Microsoft Project?

Choose File > Options > Schedule. In the Default start time and Default end time boxes, type the times that you want the default work day to start and end. To use the same settings automatically in all future projects, choose All New Projects in the Calendar options list.

How do I make MS Project 24 hours?

➢ From the menu, select Format > Timescale. Select the Non-Working time tab, and press the Calendar drop-down list and select the 24 Hours calendar. Next press the OK button.

How do I show start time in MS project?

Check the start date of your project. Turn on the display of time (File > Options, General) and show the Project Summary task. (Gantt Chart Tools Format Ribbon). If the start time is 8:00 am, change it to 9:00 am.

Can you add time in MS project?

1 Answer. Set the project calendar (Project Tab, Project Information) to the 24 hours calendar. Turn on the display of time plus date in File > Options, General under date format.

How do you change non working time to working time in MS Project?

If that is the case, you will need to do the following two steps:

  1. Click Project > Project Information. Click the Calendar pick list and select the scheduling calendar for the project, then click the OK button.
  2. Double-click the timescale bar (at the top of the Gantt Chart pane) and then select the Non-working time tab.
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How do I change the working time in MS Project 2007?

Changing the Working Hours

  1. Select the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Change Working Time command.
  3. Select the Options command.
  4. Select the time in the Default start time text box.
  5. Enter the new start time.
  6. Select the time in the Default end time text box.
  7. Enter the new end time.