You asked: How do I bulk edit descriptions in Jira?

How do I change labels in bulk in Jira?

bulk edit -> select all -> edit issues -> change labels -> add to existing. Add the new label. go back to your search and bulk edit again (at this point, both the new and old labels should be present)

How do I bulk update comments in Jira?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Perform a search in basic/advanced.
  2. Click Tools then Bulk Edit.
  3. Select issues and the “Edit issues” option.
  4. Drop down to change comment and text in the text field.
  5. Select change comment my clicking on it once.

How do I bulk update summary in Jira?

Go to Filters > Advanced Issue Search. Search for all sub-tasks which need to be modified. Make sure Summary is one of the visible columns, then press Export > Export Excel CSV (current fields) Modify the Summaries in Excel in bulk.

How do I enable bulk changes in Jira?

Jira Bulk Change Issue

  1. Find the issues you want to change via an issue filter.
  2. From the Issue Search page, select the Tools > Bulk Change: All Issues.
  3. From here you will follow a four step process. Choose Issues. Choose Operations. …
  4. Choose Issues: From the Bulk Operation page, select all the issues you wish to change > Next.
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Can we edit labels in JIRA?

You cannot manage labels centrally, it can only be done via issues. For example if you need to rename one you would have do a JQL to select all issues with the label, bulk edit them and add the new label, then bulk edit again to remove the old label.

How do I manage labels in JIRA?

Add-on to manage labels in Jira. Edit or rename label, view all labels at one place, find duplicates & remove or merge labels etc

  1. All labels in one place: globally or per project. View all labels used in Jira in single place. …
  2. Find duplicates & rename or merge labels. …
  3. Filter, search & delete or remove unused labels.

Where is bulk edit in Jira?

Select Tools > Bulk Change. Select the issues you’d like to perform the bulk operation on, and select Next. Select Watch Issues, and select Next. Review your bulk operation, and select Confirm when you are happy with the operation.

Can multiple fields in Jira be edited in bulk such as component S versions or labels?

This bulk operation allows you to edit multiple issues at the same time. The available bulk edit operations depend on the issues selected and the nature of the fields you want to change.

How do I edit a task in Jira?

Edit an issue type

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Click Issue types.
  3. Find the relevant issue type and click Edit.
  4. Edit the issue type name, description, or avatar, and click Update.

How do I change a summary field in Jira?

You can’t change the name of the Summary field unless you use scripting. You can use Script Runner Plugin (Behaviors) and type some script to change it. And, you can’t remove the Summary field.

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How do I add multiple tasks in Jira?


  1. Choose to add the Create issue or Create subtask post function as usual.
  2. Configure various options as usual.
  3. Find the Create multiple issues parameter.
  4. Add a comma separated list of entries. Processing will: Look at each entry. If no pattern is provided, the entry will be selected for continued processing.

How do I select multiple issues in Jira?

To move multiple issues to another project:

  1. From the navigation, select Search.
  2. Select Advanced search for issues.
  3. Search for the issues you want to move. …
  4. Select More (…) > …
  5. Select the issues you want to move and select Next.
  6. Choose the Move Issues bulk operation and select Next.