Why Scaled Agile does not work?

Does Scaled Agile actually work?

SAFe is not Agile

But does it matter whether or not SAFe is Agile when what we really care about is effectiveness? Yes. It does. Agile principles are only Agile principles because they were generally recognized and agreed on as being effective.

Why agile does not work?

The fundamental problem with agile, as many companies use it, is that its relentless pace biases developers. They want to get out a minimum viable product in only a few weeks, so they skimp on scoping out just what the product should accomplish. Or worse, in our experience, they make two kinds of compromises.

Is SAFe fake agile?

There is a risk that SAFe is discrediting genuine Agile. It’s an illustration of Gresham’s Law: bad money drives out the good. When this happens SAFe is the epitome of “fake Agile.” It is possible that when SAFe is implemented by managers with a genuine Agile mindset, its negative side effects can be mitigated.

What is wrong with agile development?

The biggest concerns about agile include lack of upfront planning, loss of management control, and management opposition. [ Download CIO’s new Roadmap Report on 5G in the enterprise! ] The most popular agile methodologies cited were Scrum and Scrum variants, used by 72 percent of respondents.

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Does Netflix use agile?

Agile exists in pockets at Netflix, but as a whole, enforcing the methodology at scale is both unwieldy and counterintuitive to the structure of the individual teams.

Why scrum is not agile?

Scrum is all about the project management, not the software. Therefore, Scrum per se is not an “agile” software-development method—because it is not a software-development method at all.

What are the disadvantages of Agile methodology?

5 Key Disadvantages of Agile Methodology

  • Poor resource planning. …
  • Limited documentation. …
  • Fragmented output. …
  • No finite end. …
  • Difficult measurement.

When Agile is not suitable?

Agile practices will not be able to benefit your project if the deliverables of each project stages cannot be distributed quickly enough. … your project involves iterative, or cyclical, processes in which incremental results will add value for your project by continuously providing new guidance for your project.

Why do engineers hate Agile?

It does not respect seniority and personal growth of the individual engineer, as there are no longer tech leads. Instead of “individuals & interactions over processes & tools”, Agile turns individual developers again into cogs of the machinery, making the disposable clones within a more or less anonymous process.

What companies use Scaled Agile?

10 companies killing it at scaling agile

  • Cisco. …
  • LEGO Digital Solutions. …
  • Barclays. …
  • Panera Bread. …
  • Ericsson. …
  • PlayStation Network. …
  • John Deere. …
  • Fitbit.

How many companies use Scaled Agile?

Today, SAFe is in its fifth iteration and has been adopted by more than 20,000 enterprises across the globe. More than 1,000,000 practitioners have been trained through a role-based curriculum and use the SAFe Community Platform, supported by more than 500 world-class transformation and platform companies.

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