Which two roles should facilitate an agile release train sync choose two?

Which two roles should facilitate an agile release train sync?

The Release Train Engineer, also called RTE, is responsible for facilitating the Agile Release Train Synchronization Meetings. RTE is a servant leader who takes care of other Agile Release Train events as well. RTE is also responsible for guiding the teams through processes and streamline the deliveries.

What are two release train engineer responsibilities choose two?

The Release Train Engineer (RTE) facilitates Agile Release Train processes and execution. The RTE escalate impediments, helps manage risk, helps ensure value delivery, and drives continuous improvement.

What is Agile Release Train sync?

The Agile Release Train meeting (Art-Sync) helps to follow up the progress of the program and to solve important problems (impediments). The following is handled in this meeting: Global progress on objectives and features. Risks and issues that need to be escalated to other teams or to the program level.

Which of the following are roles on agile release train?

Agile Release Trains Roles

Scrum Master – Guides the team through meetings, processes and best practices and ceremonies on an ongoing basis. Product Owner – Responsible for the value the Agile team produces. Team Member – Make up the heart of Agile teams.

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Which choice best describes Agile Release Train?

The Agile Release Train (ART) is the primary value delivery construct in SAFe®. The Agile Release Train is a long lived, self-organizing team of Agile Teams, a virtual organization (5 to 12 teams) that plans, commits, and executes together.

Who facilitates solution train events quizlet?

Program Level – is a servant leader and the chief Scrum Master for the train. The RTE facilitates optimizing the flow of value through the program using various mechanisms, such as the Program Kanban, Inspect & Adapt workshop, PI Planning, and more. Large Solution Level – Is the ultimate buyer of every solution.

What are the responsibilities of a release train engineer?

A release train engineer (RTE) is a servant leader who facilitates program level processes and execution, drives continuous development, manages risks and escalates impediments while also acting as a full time chief scrum master for a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

What are two purposes of the system demo choose two?

It provides an integrated, comprehensive view of the new Features delivered by the ART over the past iteration. It offers the ART a fact-based measure of current, system-level progress within the Program Increment (PI). It’s the true measure of ART velocity and progress.

How does a release train engineer view the role of functional managers on the Agile Release train?

The Agile Release Train provides alignment and helps manage risk by providing program level cadence and synchronization. Your email address will not be published. In essence, the functional manager should not disown delivery but play an active supporting role in ensuring the team succeeds.

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