Which pattern found at the confluence of two rivers and roads?

What is the pattern of the settlement at the confluence of the river?

Settlements found at the confluence of two rivers or roads are triangular settlements.

Which settlements are found at the confluence of two rivers or roads are?

Notes: The triangular settlement pattern is found at the confluence of rivers or where two roads converge.

Which of the following is also called confluence?

In geography, a confluence (also: conflux) occurs where two or more flowing bodies of water join together to form a single channel.

What is triangular pattern of settlement?

Triangular Pattern: This pattern develops at the confluence of two rivers. One village develops on the land lying in between the two rivers. The expansion of village is restricted by the river. Sometimes a triangular pattern results in between two roads.

What is confluence settlement?

Answer: [A] Triangular. Notes: Triangular shape of settlements – This reflects the characteristics of the site occupied by a settlement. Examples of such settlements are provided by those situated at the confluence of two rivers and at the junction point of two railway lines.

What is nebular pattern?

Nebular Pattern

When the shape of a settlement resembles to nebula, it is stated as nebular settlements. The arrangement of roads is almost circular. Generally the size of nebular settlements is small and they develop around the house of landlord of village, the mosque, temple or church.

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Which of the two rivers are studied in the Rigveda?

The Rig Veda mentions Saraswati river as between Yamuna to the East and river Sutlej to the west.