Which 2 quality practices apply to agile teams?

Which two quality practices apply to Agile teams SAFe?

SAFe teams use Agile practices of choice based primarily on Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming (XP) to improve their performance. To ensure they are solving the right problem, teams apply Design Thinking.

Which two built in quality practices are relevant for all types of Agile teams?

The Built-in Quality dimension of Team and Technical Agility also contains quality guidance that is generally applicable to all teams – pairing, collective ownership, standards, automation, and definition of done.

Which two quality practices apply to Agile teams quizlet?

Which two quality practices apply to Agile teams? (Choose two.) Establishing flow;Peer review and pairing; Design Thinking identifies at least four new ways to measure success.

What are the two Agile practices?

Best Practices for Agile Teams

  • Collaborate with the customer. …
  • Work together daily. …
  • Build projects around motivated individuals. …
  • Convey information face-to-face. …
  • Form self-organizing teams. …
  • Reflect on how teams can become more effective.
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What are 2 ways to describe a cross functional agile team?

Two ways to describe cross-functional agile team:

  • There is no conflicting priorities.
  • They have improved communication and quality.
  • They have consistent focus.
  • They iterate quickly.
  • They lead to greater innovation.
  • They use all resources and have alignment in using it.

How do you ensure quality in Agile projects?

6 Ways to Boost Quality with Agile Development and Software…

  1. Cross Functional Teams. …
  2. Definition of Done. …
  3. Automated Testing. …
  4. Continuous Integration Best Practices. …
  5. Test Driven Development. …
  6. Pair Programming.

What are two agile practices quizlet?

The most popular agile methodologies include Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean Development, and Feature-Driven Development (FDD).

Which agile principle focuses on quality?

Agile Manifesto Purpose

The four values in Agile manifesto promote a software development process, which focuses on quality. They do it by creating software that meets customer’s expectations and needs.

What are technical practices?

The specific practices or techniques that are used during sprint execution to properly perform the work required to deliver features that have manageable levels of technical debt and meet the Scrum team’s definition of done.

What is a characteristic of a SAFe agile team quizlet?

What is a characteristic of a SAFe Agile team? Agile teams deliver value at the end of each PI. The scrum master and product owner are part of the agile team. Scrum masters write and accept stories. Agile teams have between three and nine people.

What are the top two reasons for adopting Agile in an organization choose two?

Top Reasons Why Business Leaders are Adopting Agile in 2020

  • Reason #1: To Improve Productivity. …
  • Reason #2 To Manage Changing Priorities More Effectively. …
  • Reason # 3 To Increase Innovation.
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