What score is achieved in the Illinois agility test?

How is agility test measured?

Methods of Measurement

Both speed and closed-skill agility tests require very little equipment. These tests can typically be accomplished with a stopwatch, a tape measure to set the course, and markers of the course, such as cones.

What is a good score for sit and reach?

Sit and Reach Normative Data Results Table

Result Men Women
Excellent 32 – 41cm 36 – 44cm
Good 21 – 29cm 26 – 35cm
Average 15 – 20cm 16 -25cm
Fair 8 – 15cm 7 – 15cm

What is a good score on the vertical jump test?

Vertical Jump Test (Sargent Jump)

Rating Males (inches) Males (cm)
Very good 24 – 28 61-70
Above average 20 – 24 51-60
Below average 16 – 20 41-50
Poor 12 – 16 31-40

Which test is best for measuring speed and agility 12?

The Eight Foot Up arid Go Test is a coordination and agility test’for the elderly-which is pair of the senior fitness test protocol. Purpose This test measures speed, agility and balance while moving.

How many chances are given for zigzag run test?

(2) Three chances are given to each player. Scoring: Best of the three throws is counted.

How reliable is the Illinois agility test?

In another study, the reliability of IAT was found on a sample of 97 able-bodied young military service men: ICC = 99% inter-rater reliability and ICC = 68% test-retest reliability [9].

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How do I record Illinois agility test?

Perform The Test as Follows

  1. Start by lying face down on the ground at the start point.
  2. On the command, jump to your feet and negotiate around the cones to the finish.
  3. The assistant records the total time taken.