What is the difference between role and group in Jira?

What are roles in Jira?

A Jira application project role is a flexible way to associate users and/or groups with a particular project. Unlike groups, which have the same membership throughout Jira applications, project roles have specific members for each project. Users may play different roles in different projects.

What is a group in Jira?

A Jira group is a convenient way to manage a collection of users. You can use groups throughout Jira to: Allow application access. Grant global permissions or project specific access.

How do I manage groups in Jira?

Log in to admin.atlassian.com. From your organization, select Directory > Groups from the left side of the page. Select a group from the list to edit or delete. Edit the group description by selecting the 3 dot icon to the right of Add group members > Edit description.

What are Jira categories?

As a Jira administrator, you can create project categories so your team can view work across related projects in one place. Your team can use categories in advanced search, filters, reports, and more. Note that project categories cannot be used to create project hierarchies (such as parent projects).

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What is the difference between groups and roles in access control schemes?

A group is a collection of users with a given set of permissions assigned to the group (and transitively, to the users). A role is a collection of permissions, and a user effectively inherits those permissions when he acts under that role.

How do I define a project role in JIRA?

Adding a project role

  1. Choose > System.
  2. Under SECURITY, select Project roles. The Project Role Browser displays, which contains a list of all the project roles in your Jira site.
  3. Under Add Project Role at the bottom of the page, enter your desired role’s name and a description.
  4. Click the Add Project Role button.

How do I edit roles in Jira?

Update user project roles

  1. Go to your site’s Admin at admin.atlassian.com. …
  2. From the Users page, select the user whose role you want to modify.
  3. Click the More options button to the right of Log in as user and select View Jira project roles.

How do I manage users in Jira?

You can invite or remove users from the site administration area. Add people to groups and project roles to easily manage access and permissions. View Jira Cloud user activity and login details. Manage permissions or restrictions for multiple users.

How do I see groups in Jira?

The Group Browser in Jira allows you to view, create, and edit groups, while also allowing you to modify members, and view group permissions and settings. To view the group browser: Choose Administration ( ) > User Management. Select Groups to open the Group Browser.

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How do I create a watcher group in Jira?

3 answers

  1. If you have installed it you may need to create a group picker field select a group while creating the issue and configure above post function to populate watchers field with the members of the group.
  2. If you have script runner plug-in installed you could write script to update watchers field.

How do I add members to a group in Jira?

To create the group and add users:

  1. Go to > User management.
  2. Choose Groups in the sidebar.
  3. Choose the Create group button (if you’re using Confluence Server, choose Add Group)
  4. Enter a group name, for example ‘project-team’
  5. Choose Create group.
  6. Choose Add to add members to the group.