What is the approval process for a project management plan?

How is project management plan approved?

Typically the project plan is approved by the project manager, project sponsor, or the functional managers who provide the resources for the project.

What is project approval process?

The Project Approval Process is a defined Approval Process that automates, regulates, and tracks approving/denying Projects. … In CSM an Approval is a Supporting Business Object that is used with a Major Business Object (ex: a Project) to provide support in a workflow where approvals must be obtained.

Who should approve the project management plan?

The project manager creates the project management plan following input from the project team and key project stakeholders. The plan should be agreed and approved by at least the project team and its key stakeholders.

What is workflow approval?

An approval workflow is a logical sequence of tasks, including human approvals, to process data. Approval workflows are unique in that the process will halt until the specific person approves the data.

What is the first step in planning process?

Establishing Objectives:

Establishing the objectives is the first step in planning. Plans are prepared with a view to achieve certain goals. Hence, establishing the objectives is an important step in the process of planning. Plans should reflect the enterprise’s objectives.

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