What is RAM slack and file slack?

What is file slack?

A. S. The space between the end of a file and the end of the disk cluster it is stored in. Also called “file slack,” it occurs naturally because data rarely fill fixed storage locations exactly, and residual data occur when a smaller file is written into the same cluster as a previous larger file.

Why is it important to investigate RAM slack and file slack?

It is important that you to understand the significance of file slack in computer-related investigations. Because file slack potentially contains data dumped randomly from the computer’s memory, it is possible to identify network logon names, passwords and other sensitive information associated with computer usage.

What type of data can be found within RAM slack?

RAM Slack is data between the end of a logical file and the a sector. (NOT the cluster). A sector, on a standard hard drive takes up 512 bytes, if the last logical sector in the file takes up 400 bytes, the 112 bytes remaining will be RAM slack.

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How does slack calculate file size?

1 Answer. FileSize / cluster size (in bytes) = # clusters needed. If (FileSize modulo cluster size in bytes <> 0), add 1 additional cluster needed. Note that, even though disk drives are given in 1KB = 1000 bytes, the cluster sizes are based on 1024 bytes per KB, so you need to use that in your calculations.

What is RAM slack?

The ram slack is the data required to fill in the space from the end of the file to the end of the sector. As previously discussed, a sector is 512 bytes. The first 5 bytes of the file are used by the text of the file. The next 507 bytes are filled with “ram slack”.

Why we use slack space?

Slack space is the leftover storage that exists on a computer’s hard disk drive when a computer file does not need all the space it has been allocated by the operating system. … When a file is deleted, the operating system doesn’t erase the file, it simply makes the sector the file occupied available for reallocation.

How much data from RAM is loaded into RAM slack on a disk drive?

In windows 7 and later, how much data from RAM is loaded into RAM slack on a drive? No data from RAM is copied to RAM slack on a disk drive.

How much RAM does slack use?

This application can consume between ~130MB (p10) and ~960MB (p99) of memory depending on team activity and UI state. Distribution of memory usage at p10, p50, p90, and p99 for a single team.

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What is stored in drive slack?

File Slack, also called ‘slack space’, is the leftover space on a drive where a file is stored. This space remains empty or left over because each cluster on a disk has a storage threshold and files are random sizes. … In this example, the bowl is a portion of a computer hard drive.

What is residual slack?

A form of residual data, slack space is the amount of on-disk file space from the end of the logical record information to the end of the physical disk record. … The difference in empty bytes of the space that is allocated in clusters minus the actual size of the files.

What is stored in master file table?

The NTFS file system contains a file called the master file table, or MFT. … All information about a file, including its size, time and date stamps, permissions, and data content, is stored either in MFT entries, or in space outside the MFT that is described by MFT entries.

What is the space on a drive called when a file is deleted choose all that apply?

The file which is deleted remains in the drive. The areas of the disk where the deleted files reside are called unallocated disk space.