What is Jira fix version?

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What does fix version mean?

Fix version is the release version used to track different software developments and/or any updates. You fill out the Fix version to ensure that as you develop stories, and you can group them together when setting up a release delivery.

How do I use FIX version in Jira?

Steps to add a fix version to Jira

  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. In the project menu, click on Releases or from the side bar of any user story click “Create new version”
  3. Select the Version name text box, enter a name, and click Add.

How do I remove fix version in Jira?

To remove an archived version, you need first to unarchive this version, remove it from the issue and then archive it back. You can unarchive a version in Project settings -> Versions. Yes you can remove story from fix version.

How do I get a list of fix versions in Jira?

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  1. create a filter like – project is not empty or maybe Fix versions is not empty. Save it and name it.
  2. create a dashboard with a 2-D gadget and set x-axis to project and y-axis to fix versions.
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What is the difference between Jira fix and version?

What’s the difference between Fix version and Affects version? Affects version is the version in which a bug or problem was found. Although it can be useful for tracking problems, it isn’t used very often in Jira. Fix version is the version where you plan on releasing a feature or bugfix to customers.

What happens when you release a version in Jira?

Releasing a version on a Scrum board marks the version as released. It doesn’t automatically modify the issues in the version in any way.

Who can add fix version in Jira?

Create versions for your project

In Jira Software, each release is called a version. There are two ways to create versions in your project. Only project admins can create versions.

How do I add fix version to Jira ticket?


  1. Click on Projects -> Choose the appropriate project.
  2. At the Project Summary Page -> Click on the Administration tab.
  3. On the left pane , click on Versions.
  4. Fill in the Name of the versions and Description then click on the Add button.
  5. Repeat Step 4 until you are done adding all the versions.

What action is to be done on issue assigned to you after fixing?

Answer :- In Jira, we need to do resolve action on issue assigned to you after fixing. Jira is a registered issue tracking tool build by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and also agile project management.

What is the latest version of Jira software?

Upcoming bugfix releases

New bugfix versions are released for three Jira feature versions: Latest version, Jira 8.13 LTS, and Jira 8.5 LTS.

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How do I delete a ticket from release in Jira?

If the release has been previously saved to Jira, perform the following steps:

  1. Click more ( ) > Remove. The ‘Remove release from plan’ dialog will be displayed.
  2. Click Remove to confirm. The release and the issues assigned to it will be removed from the plan.