What is it like working at Asana?

Is Asana a good place to work?

We’re proud that for the fifth year in a row, Asana has been named a Best Small & Medium Workplace by Great Place to Work and Fortune. This recognition each year is a testament to all our Asanas who have created a culture of connection and inclusivity that empowers everyone to thrive.

Why do you want to work at Asana?

Work hard and live well

These awards recognize Asana as a top workplace in the tech space, and celebrates us for the great things we do as a company to provide everyone with the support that they need to thrive every day, including perks, benefits, and work environment.

Does Asana allow remote work?

Connect and collaborate while working remotely. Empower your remote team to plan projects, coordinate work remotely, and hit their goals with Asana. Sign up for Asana Basic today. It’s free—forever.

What is it like working at fastly?

Normal day at Fastly is great. I enjoy the work pace, it’s pretty speedy at times. The culture is great, various places to sit and work around the office (3 offices connected).

What are benefits of Asana?

All sitting asanas provide flexibility to the hips, knees, ankles and the muscles of the groin. These poses are naturally more relaxing as you are closer to the earth, providing a restful feeling and breathing smoother and easier. Sitting asana keep the spine steady, provide stability of the body and pacify the mind.

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Who is the CEO of Asana?

Is Asana making money?

Asana is not profitable yet and has a long way to go before profitability. It reported a net loss of $118.6 million in 2020 and $211.7 million in 2021. … Asana spends a lot on sales and marketing, which is the cost of bringing in new customers and getting them to use the product.

Is Airtable a good company to work for?

Tech team: Airtable is a great place to develop engineering skills and product skills. There are lots of hard tech problems at Airtable because the product is so technical. And, it’s a great place to get better at product development because there are lots of skilled product people at the company.

Is Asana a CRM tool?

Since our launch, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from teams and businesses that rely on Asana as a lightweight tool for customer relationship management (CRM). When using Asana for CRM, customers become the Task or Project (or even a Tag). … People use Asana in all kinds of creative ways.