What is in progress status in JIRA?

What does in progress mean in Jira?

JIRA workflow has the following stages to track as soon as an issue is created − Open Issue − After creation, the issue is open and can be assigned to the assignee to start working on it. In Progress Issue − The assignee has actively started to work on the issue.

What are the statuses in Jira?

Here’s a list of the statuses that come with JIRA products, depending on what projects you’ve created on your site.

  • Open. The issue is open and ready for the assignee to start work on it.
  • In Progress. This issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.
  • Done. …
  • To Do. …
  • In Review. …
  • Under review. …
  • Approved. …
  • Cancelled.

What is the difference between pending and in progress?

In Process means that you did your WBI and Phone Interview and now you’re just waiting for some decision. Pending means that you did your WBI and Phone Interview but there may be something that will hold you back.

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What is review status in Jira?

We have a status (column) In Progress where the work gets done and the ticket is assigned to the developer. When the development work is complete, the ticket is moved to another column (status) In Review and is unassigned. At this point the PR is ready to be reviewed – once approved it is moved to the Testing column.

What is pending status in Jira?

Marty Atlassian Team Feb 10, 2019 • edited. Hi Gil, In terms of how I’ve seen statuses used: – Pending: I’ve seen this used when waiting for more information from the Customer or waiting on information from a third party. – In Progress: I’ve seen this used when one of the agents is actively working on the request.

What is a status category?

Status categories, which are referenced in many field service processes, allow you to use custom status values while maintaining a consistent work classification for tracking, reporting, and business process management.

What is the difference between status and resolution in Jira?

Statuses represent the position of an issue in its workflow. A status can be mapped to one workflow step. Resolutions are the ways in which an issue can be closed. Read more about the default statuses, resolutions and priorities that come with your Jira products.

What is status category changed in Jira?

The statusCategoryChangedDate is simply the last time the issue moved from a status in one category to a status in another.

Is Pending same as processing?

Pending means you haven‘t been billed, but you’re shipping in the near future (maybe as much as two weeks, in the case of this and previous Nexus launches). Processing means you’re about to get charged and your device will ship (usually processing can last a day to three days, depending).

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What does request in progress mean?

What does in progress mean? In progress is an adverb phrase that refers to something that is not yet complete. If you start a project, and someone asks you about it before you’ve finished it, you might tell that person that it’s still in progress.

How do I add a status in Jira?


  1. Log in as a user with JIRA Administrators permission.
  2. Go to Statuses page by choosing Cog Icon > Issues > Find Statuses under Issue Attributes category at the left.
  3. Click at Add Status then specify the name, description and the category for the status you want to add.

How do I start a Jira progress?

once you created a story it goes to Open/New status and you have clicked on Start Progress transition button it will move from Open/New to target status and shows that you have started working on it.

How do you update a status in JIRA REST API?

First, execute ‘http://localhost:8100/rest/api/latest/issue/MTF -2/transitions? expand=transitions. fields and know the id’s for transitions. For Eg: transition id for “Stop Progress” is 31, for “Done” is 41.