What is a programmatic PMP deal?

How does a PMP work programmatic?

A programmatic guaranteed deal is a one-to-one agreement between a publisher and an advertiser. … While PMPs are open to a select group of advertisers, programmatic guaranteed buys involve just one advertiser in a completely private exchange with a publisher.

What is a programmatic deal?

Programmatic Guaranteed: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that’s reserved (guaranteed) for that buyer. Inventory is designated only for that buyer at that price. Preferred Deal: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that the buyer can optionally bid on.

What are the four programmatic transaction types?

There are several different ways of offering and acquiring inventory in the programmatic ecosystem. The four main ways are: open auctions, private exchanges, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed deals. Each of these programmatic deals offer their own unique benefits.

Is PMP the same as preferred deal?

PMP is short for a “private marketplace” deal — it’s traditionally a deal made directly between a publisher and an advertiser or agency for programmatic inventory. Sometimes PMPs go by the name of “Preferred Deals.” A private marketplace PMP is managed through an SSP (Supply Side Platform).

How does programmatic direct work?

Programmatic direct is a form of programmatic advertising where a publisher contacts a specific advertiser to purchase ad space at a negotiated cost for a fixed time interval. The added benefit is that advertisers get guaranteed ad impressions by displaying ads on the publisher’s premium web pages.

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What is programmatic auction model?

Programmatic auctions are of two types – first price and second price. The kind of auction used is decided usually by the supply-side platform (SSP) but sometimes by ad exchange.

How does programmatic guaranteed work?

A programmatic guaranteed deal is where the buyer directly buys inventory from the publisher. The buyer agrees to buy a fixed number of impressions, and the publisher agrees to deliver the exact amount of impressions for a guaranteed price. Both the buyer and the seller (publisher) brings a guarantee to the table.

Which of the following are benefits of programmatic guaranteed deals?

Programmatic Guaranteed deals allow you to execute direct buys with publishers, while eliminating manual processes such as exchanging tags, troubleshooting discrepancies and handling multiple invoices. In addition, the use of audience targeting helps narrow who your ad is shown to.

What is the difference between RTB and programmatic?

Programmatic simply means using technology to buy and sell digital ads, and it’s become the hottest thing in advertising since RTB . … Real-time bidding is a form of programmatic ad buying, a subset of sorts. RTB occurs within both private and open ad exchanges.