What is a Mach in agility?

How do I get a MACH title in agility?

Master Agility Champion Title.

In order to acquire the MACH title, a dog must achieve a minimum of 750 championship points and 20 double qualifying scores obtained from the Excellent B Standard Agility class and the Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves class.

What does GCHB mean?

Any Grand Champion which shall have won 100 Grand Championship points shall become a Grand Champion Bronze (GCHB).

What is fast in agility?

Simply put, FAST is a point-accumulation game with an on-course distance (send) element. FAST is an acronym for a longer string of words that define the game: Fifteen available point- accumulation obstacles And a Send distance-bonus element completed within a prescribed amount of Time.

How many points is a Mach?

To obtain the Master Agility Champion Title (MACH) a dog must achieve a minimum of 750 Championship Points and 20 Double Qualifying scores (obtained in the Excellent B Classes) as listed below and as further defined in SECTION 4. Dogs placing first in their class double their championship points.

What is titling a dog?

Titles are usually represented a s letters that are officially added to a dog’s name. For example, a dog might be officially registered with the American Kennel Club as Parker’s Faster than You (but his owners call him “Speedy”). When Speedy earns his Novice Agility title, he becomes Parker’s Faster than You NA.

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What does titling a dog mean?

Titling your dog takes him beyond the basics and allows you both to reap the long-term rewards. Adding a few nationally recognized titles after your dog’s name will also: reassure your insurance agent when you apply for homeowner’s insurance. help you buy a condo or get the association to rethink their “no pets” rule.

What is 24C in AKC agility?

24C” n/a Dogs who measure into the 8” through 20” regular jump height divisions may opt to enter the 24-choice height division at their owner’s discretion. Dogs who measure into the 24” regular jump height division may not enter 24-choice.

What is STD in dog agility?

PowerScore is a dog’s average jumpers with weaves (JWW) yards per second plus two times their average standard (STD) yards per second. This formula provides a single yards per second-based number that takes into account a dog’s speed in both JWW and STD.

What does preferred mean in dog agility?

AKC Preferred Agility allows dogs to jump one height lower than the regular jump height division and it also gives them five extra seconds to complete the course. … Dogs in the Preferred class earn the equivalent titles as dogs in the Regular classes, but they are distinguished by a “P” after the title abbreviation.