What is a Jira request?

How do I create a request in Jira?

Create a request type

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Request types.
  2. Select Create request type.
  3. Enter the Request name, Icon, and Issue type.
  4. Choose a Portal group, or leave the checkbox unselected to hide this request type from your portal.
  5. Select Create.

What is request participants in Jira?

Request participants are customers and organizations who can view, comment, and receive notifications about a request. Participants receive the same notifications as the reporter and can turn off notifications at any time. … Both agents and customers can add and remove request participants.

What are request types in Jira Service Desk?

Request types are the types of requests that can be raised in your service project. You can add your own request types on top of the set of defaults. Request types can be organized into Portal groups to help customers find the request type they need.

What is Jira used for?

Jira is a software application used for issue tracking and project management. The tool, developed by the Australian software company Atlassian, has become widely used by agile development teams to track bugs, stories, epics, and other tasks.

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What are request types?

The most common types of request methods are GET and POST but there are many others, including HEAD, PUT, DELETE, CONNECT, and OPTIONS. GET and POST are widely supported while support for other methods is sometimes limited but expanding.

What is Jira service request?

A service request is a user request for something new. For example, a user might need a new laptop, access to a service, or information. Service requests are often low-risk requests that can be resolved quickly or even automated (for example, access to software license can be pre-approved).

How do I submit a ticket in Jira?

How to Fill a JIRA Ticket

  1. In JIRA, click on Create Issue.
  2. Select the project Support Nuxeo Connect.
  3. Fill in the description as precisely as possible. Depending on the type of your issue, provide the appropriate items in the following list: steps to reproduce the issue. logs. screenshots. …
  4. Click on the Create button.

How do I create a request type in Jira Service Desk?

Issue type: add a new request type by selecting the issue type the request is based on. Description: help your customers choose the right request type by providing helpful descriptions. Edit fields: customize request fields and workflow statuses, and add request types to groups on your customer portal.

What is a Jira watcher?

A Watcher is someone that will be given permissions for the Jira project. This generally isn’t a customer since they wouldn’t have access to your Jira system but only the Service Desk portal. A Requested Participant is someone being given permissions for the Jira Service Desk portal.

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Who can customers share requests with?

Customers can share requests with their organization, or raise a private request. Customers can search their organization for people to share with: Customers who aren’t in an organization can’t share requests.

How do I add someone to my Jira Service Desk?

How to invite service desk users to projects in Jira

  1. Go to Settings > Projects to see the whole list of your existing Jira Projects.
  2. Click on the necessary Project and go to Project settings; People.
  3. Click the Add people button and input the info of the necessary users to invite to them this project.