What is a cover in trello?

How do I add a card cover in Trello app?

to enable card covers, go to the board’s Menu → Settings, and check Card Cover Images Enabled. to label a card, use the Attach File… feature to attach an image file. the most recent image file you attach will show up as the card cover.

What size should Trello backgrounds be?

We recommend using a resolution of either 1440×900 or double that with 2880×1800, but this is not mandatory. Take into account that most of the screen real estate will be occupied by the Trello Board Lists. Therefore most detail should be in the bottom, plus a clean distinctive color to the top.

Can you attach an email to a Trello card?

When you email a card to Trello, you can immediately add attachments, labels, and members to the card, in addition to setting the title and description. The Subject of the email becomes the card’s title. The Body of the email becomes the card’s description. Attachments in the email will be added to the card.

What is a cover card?

A cover card is a card shown on product packaging, normally on the front of the packaging. Cover cards are often highly sought-after or visually appealing cards included in the product.

How do I make a Trello board smaller?

Size them!

  1. 1 Add the Card Size Power‑Up to your board. You can activate this add-on from the Power‑Ups section in the Trello menu. …
  2. 2 Select what is shown in the cards. …
  3. 3 Assign estimates to tasks. …
  4. 4 See estimates in card front and back. …
  5. 5 See totals per list, assignee or label.
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