What does confluence learning mean?

What are the 4 learning patterns?

What are the four learning styles? The four core learning styles include visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

What does it mean to be a technical learner?

Learners who use Technical Reasoning first understand tools, gadgets, and technical instruments. They like to take things apart to see what makes them tick and put them back together without any leftover screws. While Precision is the Pattern of the most words, Technical Reasoning is the Pattern of the fewest words.

What does it mean to be a dynamic learner?

Dynamic Learners are those who have a combination of Use First, Use as Needed and Avoid learning patterns. Dynamic Learners require mental effort when moving across learning patterns. Therefore, you may experience student frustration during sudden shifts in content and/or expectations. Strong Willed Learner.

What are the 7 types of learning?

The Seven Learning Styles – How do you learn?

  • Visual (Spatial)
  • Aural (Auditory-Musical)
  • Verbal (Linguistic)
  • Physical (Kinesthetic)
  • Logical (Mathematical)
  • Social (Interpersonal)
  • Solitary (Intrapersonal)

What are 3 types of learning styles?

Here are three different learning styles, as well as the most effective professional training methods for each cognitive learning style.

  1. Auditory learners. Auditory learners take in information through listening and speaking. …
  2. Visual learners. …
  3. Tactile learners.
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What is technology learning?

Technology also has the power to transform teaching by ushering in a new model of connected teaching. … This model links teachers to their students and to professional content, resources, and systems to help them improve their own instruction and personalize learning.

What are examples of learning technologies?

Examples of Educational Technology

  • Interactive Whiteboards. An interactive whiteboard or interactive touchscreen is a display, often with similar measurements to a traditional white board, connected to a computer and a projector. …
  • Virtual Reality Headsets. …
  • 3D Printing. …
  • Podcasts.