Quick Answer: Why can’t I delete issues in Jira?

Why can’t I delete issues in Jira?

Hello, If you are a Jira admin, it does not mean that you can delete any issue in Jira. You need to have the Delete Issues permission in the project permission scheme either directly or via a group or a role.

How do I delete an issue in Jira?

“How to delete an issue from JIRA?” basically, if you have the necessary permissions then in the detailed issue view click on ellipses in upper right and select Delete.

Why can I delete story in Jira?

Check your permission scheme go to project >project settings> permission and look fot the delete issue permission. Make sure you are in the correct group or project role for this permission.

How do I bulk delete in Jira?

Delete multiple issues

Select Tools > Bulk Change. Select the issues you’d like to perform the bulk operation on, and select Next. Select Delete Issues, and select Next. If available, decide whether you’d like to send email notifications.

How do I hide an issue in Jira?

To hide completed issues:

  1. Go to the desired board, then click Board > Configure.
  2. In the Hide completed issues field, select the retention period. Issues that weren’t updated within this period will be hidden.
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How do I edit a Jira issue?

To edit an issue in JIRA, the user has to navigate to the issue, which is required to edit and the click on the issue to open the page. The next step is to click on the Edit button, which is present at the top left hand side of the view issue page. It will open the edit issue page that is similar to the create page.

Can we delete a JIRA ticket?

To be able to delete an issue in Jira you need to have the correct project permission to do so. Check out a similar question. You will need to set yourself the permission Delete Issues on the project’s permission scheme. in the project settings.

How do I delete an issue in backlog?

To delete an issue, click on the ‘Delete Issue’ button at the bottom of the Edit Issue page. This button will be only shown to Administrators and Project Administrators. A dialog box asking you to confirm the deletion will be shown.

How do I delete all backlogs in Jira?

Bulk deleting Jira issues

  1. Select Bulk Change from the more (…) in the top right.
  2. Tick to select all issues.
  3. Choose the Delete Issues operation.
  4. Untick Send mail.