Quick Answer: When did Asana become public?

When did Asana stock go public?

The company, which now serves clients in 190 countries, registered a little over 30 million Class A shares, with each Class A share entitled to one vote. Asana followed in the footsteps of its competitor Slack, which listed its shares on the NYSE through a direct listing in June 2019.

How much did Asana raise in IPO?

Asana jumps 10% in trading debut after opening at $4.2 billion valuation. Asana jumped as much as 10% in its first day of trading on Wednesday. The stock opened at $27 per share, 29% above its reference price of $21. The ensuing climb marked a 10% increase from the opening price.

Is Asana a good stock?

In addition, the stock has a D grade for Stability. ASAN has a D grade for Quality. This is justified given its negative values for trailing-12-month ROCE, ROTC, and ROTA compared to the 8.29%, 4.80%, and 3.57% respective industry averages.

Who is the CEO of Asana?

Should I work at Asana?

In December 2020, Great Place to Work and Fortune recognized Asana as one of the Best Workplaces for Parents, in addition to awarding Asana the #2 Best Small & Medium Workplace; #8 Best Workplace for Women; #1 Best Small & Medium Workplace in the Bay Area; #1 Best Workplace for Millennials; #1 Workplace in Technology; …

Is Asana a buy now?

According to MarketBeat, 14 analysts have issued ratings on Asana over the past 12 months. Nine of them issued buy ratings, there were four hold ratings and one sell rating. As a result, the consensus rating is buy.

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