Quick Answer: What part of speech is the word agility?

Is agility a noun or a verb?

Agility is the ability to be quick and graceful. … The noun agility can be used for both mental and physical skills in speed and grace. Your mental agility might allow you to follow both conversations at once.

Is agility an adjective?

quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe: an agile leap. active; lively: an agile person.

Is agility an adverb?

In an agile manner; with agility.

Is alleged an adjective?

Alleged is an adjective that’s used to describe things that have been claimed. It’s most often used to describe an action or situation, especially a wrongdoing or crime, that someone claims happened but that has not been confirmed or proven.

What is agility in PE?

Agility. The ability to change the position of the body quickly and control the movement.

What type of noun is agility?

The quality of being agile; the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily; nimbleness; activity; quickness of motion; as, strength and agility of body.

What is a nimble noun?

1 : quick and light in motion : agile a nimble dancer. 2 : quick in understanding and learning : clever a nimble mind. Other Words from nimble. nimbleness noun.

Whats agility means?

Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily in response to change or challenge, but in a business setting, the term really depends on the context.

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What is the adverb of agility?

Adverb. agilely (comparative more agilely, superlative most agilely) In an agile manner; with agility.

Is agile an adjective or adverb?

Having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs; apt or ready to move; nimble; active; as, an agile boy; an agile tongue.

Is agile a verb noun or adjective?

Agile is a verb, not a noun.